Task Creation

  • Before creating tasks, you must create a new task group for Target. For help on creating a new task group, follow this guide.

Monitor Setup

  • After creating a task group, you will want to use the SKU of the product provided by our release guides or can be found at the end or the URL. Using a URL will not work.


      • The monitor input would be: 81114595

Task Creation

  • Proxy List: proxy list used to checkout (leave blank for localhost - not recommended)

  • Account: Every task will need an account. You can select individual accounts or use account groups.

  • Error Delay: task delay. Recommended to be left at 3500

Hype Product

  • Hype Product must be enabled for all Target drops that require Shape cookies.

  • Use In-Bot Solution for Shape will use Refract's Shape autognerator.

The in-bot solution is simpler to set up but doesn't work on all devices.

The extension may prove more reliable for some, but it is recommended to test each solution yourself to determine which one generates better for your setup.

OTP-Based Login Method


Our new login method uses One-Time Passwords (OTP), enhancing login success but requiring more cookies.

Implementation Steps

  1. Update Extension:

    • Install the latest version of our browser extension here.

  2. Harvest Multiple Login Cookies:

    • Collect multiple cookies per page load to speed up the login process.

    • For more info, refer to the extension guide here.

  3. Connect IMAP:

    • Ensure IMAP is connected to your email to automatically retrieve OTP codes.

    • Fore more info, refer to the IMAP guide here.


  • Verify your extension is up-to-date.

  • Ensure IMAP is configured correctly.

  • Check cookie harvesting settings.


Tasks will use the HARVESTER PROXY to add to cart (ATC) AND to login now. Meaning whatever proxies you are using in your extension harvester or in-bot harvester will be used for your tasks. It is thus best to have good ISP proxies and to not run residential proxies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need accounts?

  • Yes, you need accounts to use the bot.

Do I need to login to accounts before creating tasks?

  • No, but it is suggested to at least try and login using the in-bot solution in the accounts tab first before creating and running your tasks.

Do I need cookies?

  • Yes, you will need to use either the in-bot solution or the extension to obtain cookies.

What are cookies?

  • Cookies are pieces of data used to pass Target antibot measures. They are essential for processes such as adding items to your cart and logging into your account. For most limited or "Hype Products," enabling cookies is necessary to ensure successful transactions.

How do I get cookies?

You can obtain cookies through the following methods:

  1. In-Bot Solution for Add to Cart:

    • Use the accounts tab for in-bot login.

  2. Extension for Add to Cart and Login:

    • Recommended Solution: The extension method is highly recommended due to its higher consistency in passing antibot measures by using your local browser.

    • Setup: Although it requires a bit more setup, the benefits outweigh the effort.

    • Multi-Browser Capability: You can run multiple extensions simultaneously on different Chrome users or Chrome-based browsers (such as Edge, Brave, etc.).

Important Notes:

  • Both the Target tab and the extension must be at least partially visible on your monitor.

  • If you are using a server, the server must remain open with a "display connected."

For detailed instructions on how to use the extension, please refer to this guide.

What is the In-Bot Solution?

  • The In-Bot Solution is simpler to use but less reliable compared to the extension method. It is more frequently blocked but can still be effective, especially when Target has not restocked recently (low Shape).

Important Notes:

  • Unlike the extension, you do not need a display connected if browsers are hidden.

  • Showing the browsers tends to perform better but requires a display connected and windows visible, similar to the extension method.

Can I use both the in-bot solution and the extension for the same task group?

  • Yes, you can use the extension while also using the in-bot solution to generate cookies. By default, the extension cookies will be prioritized.

Can I reset my password?

  • Currently, there is no way to reset passwords. This feature might be added soon.

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