Task Creation

Task Group Creation

  • Before creating tasks, a task group must first be created. To create a task group, navigate to the Taskssection and click Groups +
  • From there, name your group and choose the site you want to run on.
Only one site can be ran per task group. To run multiple sites, you must make multiple task groups.

Monitor Setup

  • The monitor section of a task group allows for easy product changing and allows users to get a better understanding of what their tasks are doing in real time.

Monitor Inputs

  • Monitor inputs are what Refract uses when searching a website's sitemap to checkout a product. They are inputted under the "monitoring" section of the task group.
Direct Link
Offer ID
There are three types of monitor inputs accepted by Refract depending on the site: PID, direct links, and offer ID.
Sites can only accept a specific type of monitor input so be sure to follow the module guides on how to properly setup those sites.
  • PID, short for product identification, is a monitor input that is tied to a specific product. It is most commonly used on Amazon, AMD, Newegg, and Walmart.
Rarely used in Refract but you can input the full item link into the monitor input for a site like Pokémon Center. Refract will automatically recognize the product URL and indicate above.
  • Offer ID is a string of numbers and letters that correspond to a specific product and allows for the bot to add to cart faster. We recommend using the offer ID posted by staff or in the monitors.
Only used on Amazon and Walmart.