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Discord Webhook Setup
Slack Webhook Setup

Creating a Webhook

  • A Discord webhook is used to see Refract success and declines
Step 1:
  • Create your own Discord server by clicking the "+ - Add A Server" Icon on Discord.
Step 2:
  • Click on the create a server button and fill out the necessary information to create your server.
  • Once your server is all setup, you will than want to head to server settings tab.
  • In server settings, head over to the webhookstab.
  • Click on the Create Webhook button to create your webhook. Choose what channel you want the webhook to go too. Make sure to copy that link as it is needed for the bot.

Creating a Webhook

  • A Slack webhook is used to see Refract success and declines
Step 1:
  • Create your own Slack Workspace by clicking the "+ - Add workspaces" Icon the left-hand side of your slack application
Step 2:
  • Once you have created your new workspace, you should be on the homepage for the workspace in your internet browser.
  • Scroll to the bottom and locate the + Add Applications button.
  • Locate the application incoming Webhooks and add it to your workspace
Step 3:
  • Once the application has been added, click on the application and go to the settings tab to edit your configuration.
  • Pick a channel that the app will post to, then click Authorize.
Step 4:
  • You can finally click generate in the Webhook URL box to generate your Slack webhook link.

Checkout Sound

  • The checkout sound is played on each successful checkout. A custom sound can be imported if in proper MP3 format.

App Data

  • App data can be imported + exported. This will import or export all of your bot settings.
  • To import or export, click the corresponding button.