Task Creation

  • Before creating tasks, you must create a new task group for Walmart. For help on creating a new task group, follow this guide.

Monitor Setup

  • After creating a task group, you will want to use the SKU of the product provided by our release guides or can be found at the end or the URL. Using a URL will not work.


      • The monitor input would be: 165545420

Offer ID

  • When using an Offer ID, tasks will skip monitoring and spam add to cart for that product. Offer IDs change often so make sure you are running the correct one for your product.

Task Creation

  • Profiles: choose your profiles/profile group

  • Proxy List: proxy list used to checkout (leave blank for localhost)

  • Error Delay: task delay. Recommended to be left at 3500

  • Task Quantity: how many tasks per profile would you like to create


  • Some products are Walmart+ exclusive. Walmart+ is a paid membership. You can add existing Walmart+ accounts to the account tab or you can enable Auto Purchase Walmart+ when creating tasks. If this is enabled, every task that has this enabled will purchase a Walmart+ membership

Be careful if running Auto Purchase Walmart+.With this enabled, EVERY task with it on will purchase Walmart+, regardless if the product is in-stock or not.

Also note, Auto Purchase Walmart+ in no way guarantees success.


What should my monitor delay be?

  • 3500

Should I use Offer ID?

  • Yes, you will almost always want to run Offer ID

Should I use residential or DC/ISP proxies?

  • A mix is recommended

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