Task Creation

  • Before creating tasks, you must create a new task group for Amazon. For help on creating a new task group, follow this guide.

Monitor Setup

  • After creating a task group, you will want to use the SKU of the product provided by our release guides or can be found at the end or the URL. Using a URL will not work.


      • The monitor input would be: B08SGTGTZD

Offer ID

  • When using an Offer ID, tasks will skip monitoring and spam add to cart for that product. Offer IDs change often so make sure you are running the correct one for your product.

Task Creation

  • Mode: choose the mode you want to run. For more information on modes, click here.

  • Proxy List: proxy list used to checkout (leave blank for localhost - not recommended)

  • Error Delay: task delay. Recommended to be left at 1500

  • Account: Every task will need an account. You can select individual accounts or use account groups.

  • Task Quantity: how many tasks per account would you like to create


  • Refract has two mode: Normal and Turbo

  • Turbo mode will attempt to use the "Buy Now" button

  • Normal mode will add to cart and follow the checkout process normally.

  • It is advised to run a mix of both modes for optimal success.


How many accounts do I need?

  • As many as you can have. There is no set number.

Can I use Amazon Teen or Business accounts?

  • No. Only regular Prime accounts can be used.

Do accounts need to have Prime?

  • Products like PlayStation 5s or Xbox Series X require Amazon Prime in order to add to cart.

What delays should I run?

  • Monitor: 1500

  • Task: 1500

How many tasks per account can I run?

  • It is best to run 1 task per account. Running multiple tasks per account may cause errors.

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