The Refract Chrome extension is designed to farm Shape anti-bot "cookies" in order to successfully add to cart on sites like Target.


  • The latest extension version can be downloaded by clicking the above link or clicking here.

  • After clicking the link, click "Show in folder" in the Chrome download tab here.


  • After successfully downloading and extracting the folder (if on Windows), head back over to the Chrome extension tab here.

Once in the Chrome extension tab, ensure Developer Mode is enabled

  • After ensuring developer mode is enabled, click Load Unpacked

  • Navigate to the download file then click on the build folder

  • After opening the build folder, you will see one folder called assets. DO NOT click that folder. Instead, click the select folder button to add the Refract extension to Chrome.

  • Once successful, you will now see the Refract extension in your extension hub.


  • To use the harvester, navigate to the host URL for the site you want to generate cookies for. For example, if you want to use Target go to https://www.target.com/

  • Once on the Target website, click the puzzle icon then the Refract extension to open it.

  • Once the harvester opens, you have the option to choose a proxy list. If a list is chosen, a new proxy will be use on every page refresh.

Generating Cookies

  • Once the Refract extension is open, you can navigate to any instock product to generate cookies. An easy product to use is here.

  • Finally, to generate cookies ensure the extension is open and click add to cart. When done correctly, you will see the Amount Harvested number increase. This number will decrease as cookies are used or expired.


  • By enabling automation, the Refract extension will automatically click add to cart and generate cookies.

Warning: You MUST use a product that is for shipping only. Using a pickup product WILL NOT WORK.


Logging in to Accounts

  • To use the extension to login to accounts, first add your accounts to the accounts tab in Refract.

  • Next, create Target tasks with your designated accounts.

  • Start those tasks and in the browser with the extension running, head over to the login page here.

  • After that, try to sign in to your account to capture a login cookie. Note: you won't get signed in the browser, but your tasks should move from Waiting for Antibot Data to logged in and Waiting for Product

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